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STATE DEPARTMENT HALL - SEVENTH FLOOR - NIGHT 46 Halfway around the world, hell has broken loose here, too. BATES You think the Russians would put up with this? PENDER (TO GENCO) No, I was screaming his name cause I was fucking him. SECRETARY OF STATE'S OFFICE - NIGHT 47A STAPLED PAGES with PHOTOGRAPHS.

56A CONTINUED: 56A O'DONNELL We think it got shredded before they got in, but the fuckers have sweat-shop kids in there re- assembling the shreds.

OLD DOMINION DRIVE (VIRGINIA) - AFTERNOON 49A A LONE ribbon sags in the f.g. A dry cleaner with a large American flag in the window and yellow ribbons drawn by kids around it.


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    The breakup of a romance can be painful at any stage of life.

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    If all looks well, clean the inside of the action body and pass a patch well soaked in solvent through the barrel and store overnight, muzzle down in a tin to collect anything that comes out.

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    Her love life seemed perfect when she moved into a house with superstar crooner Michael Buble.

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